Winner of the International Finance award for ‘Best African Trade Finance Bank – UK 2022’

Winner of the International Finance award for ‘Best African Trade Finance Bank – UK 2022’

We are very pleased to have been awarded ‘Best African Trade Finance Bank 2022’ by International Finance Publications Limited for the fifth consecutive year.

The International Finance Banking Awards highlight the accomplishments of banks leading in innovation, infrastructure development and customer centricity. This award is a recognition of our hard work and dedication and it embodies our vision of becoming the world’s most respected African Bank.

The judges panel commented in their report:

‘The Access Bank UK Limited, which is a subsidiary of Nigerian stock exchange-listed–Access Bank Plc, has been a consistently strong performer in the trade finance space following a sustainable growth model and a moderate risk exposure. The core philosophy of the bank like other companies of the Group has been to follow the sustainable growth paths irrespective of the tumultuous or attractive phases of the market cycles. And this has been a key driver of success for the bank at a time when global businesses suffered a slowdown under the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. But due to its strong fundamentals and consistent core offerings, the bank has been able to not only retain its customer base but also expand its footprint. In 2021, the bank processed over $4.2 billion of trade transactions via its counters. This figure is an improvement from the previous year’s figure of $3.8 billion.

Part of the success of the bank can be attributed to the bank’s readiness to adopt and pivot technological changes as and when they emerge and, in the process, provide the best possible support for partner banks. This robustness is the key differentiating factor for the bank that helped it to emerge as the winner of this category.’

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