The Access Bank UK is awarded ‘Best Africa Trade Finance Bank’ for the fifth consecutive year

The Access Bank UK is awarded ‘Best Africa Trade Finance Bank’ for the fifth consecutive year

We are delighted to have been awarded ‘Best African Trade Finance Bank’ by Capital Finance International for the fifth consecutive year.

Each year, seeks out individuals and organisations that contribute significantly to the convergence of economies and truly add value for all stakeholders. Reporting from frontlines of economic convergence, realises that best practice is to be found throughout the world and the Awards Programme aims to identify and reward excellence wherever it is found in the hope to inspire others to further improve their own performance.

The judging panel stated in their report: ‘The Access Bank UK has a strategic network – with headquarters in London and offices in the financial districts of Dubai and Lagos – to facilitate international trade and alleviate risk for import and export clients. Trade is the Access Bank UK’s key revenue engine, and it continues to fuel the growth of the subsidiary and its parent, the Nigerian Access Bank Group. Trade revenue grew confidently due in part to expansion and increased activity in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, Angola, the Middle East and Asia. The bank has captured a sizable share of the market through its Dubai branch, with a notable revenue increase. The bank has achieved this by following a moderate-risk strategy while earmarking profits to spur continuous improvement. Investment and infrastructure costs rose, including a faster payments system through an innovative fintech partnership. 

The bank further strengthens its appeal with outstanding customer service. It attracts the highest calibre of professionals by recognising and rewarding talent. Its low turnover allows managers to build lasting relationships with clients, and support their trade interests across multiple jurisdictions. Due to the bank’s extensive reach and reputation, it has been chosen as a trusted partner of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development and the International Finance Corporation. It is also a repeat winner in the awards programme. For its steady management and robust credit profile, the judges present The Access Bank UK with the 2020 award for Best Africa Trade Finance Bank’. 

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